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Cheapest And Best Domain Registrar Voted By Reddit

Here are Reddit's favorite Domain Registrars

by Domainprinter team | Updated July 12, 2022


Best Domain Registrars

1) NameCheap

NameCheap is an extremely popular choice on Reddit. This is because of the cheap prices, easy to use, they have good customer support, and a great UI.

In the year 2000, the whole idea for the company came up, and then in 2001, NameCheap was founded and launched on the market. The company offers its customers different types of services online such as different types of hosting, web hosting and other different tools to facilitate management. The company has customers in 18 different countries and it is about a number of customers of about 1700+. The company operates online via its website, but they have also launched their own app that can be downloaded to any mobile or tablet.

Benefits of Namecheap:

  • Free hosting migration
  • 24/7 live chat with experts
  • 2 hour ticket response time
  • 2-factor approval (U2F and TOTP)
  • Automatic renewal to help you stay on track
  • Prices:

Different domain names have different prices depending on their popularity.

Here are the base prices for some popular suffixes:

  • .com: $ 8.88 per year
  • .net: $ 10.78 per year
  • .org: $ 9.18 per year
  • .io: $ 28.88 per year

2) Google Domains

Google Domains is a domain name registration service provided by Google. It provides domain names, domain and subdomain forwarding and supports several top level domains, .co, .academy, .io, .biz etc.

Each Google domain that you purchase or transfer includes additional services such as:

Benefits of Google Domains:

  • You get support around the clock via help center, e-mail, chat or phone.
  • You can choose from more than 300 domain name extensions.
  • All domain names are accredited by ICANN.
  • The renewal costs are the same as the purchase costs.

Prices: Google Domains offers easy pricing for all of its domain extensions.

Here is the list of some of the most popular domain suffixes:

  • .com: $ 12 per year
  • .net: $ 12 per year
  • .org: $ 12 per year
  • .app: $ 14 a year
  • .co: $ 30 a year
  • .business: $ 12 per year
  • .io: $ 60 a year

3) 101Domains

While 101Domains guys don’t have nearly as good of a UI as NameCheap and Google, 101Domains has more domain extensions available for registration. Such as .lol and .pro.

What is a domain?

What does a domain name really mean? Slightly vaguely worded, it can be said that a domain name is simply about a right to a certain name. You do not need to have a web host to own a domain.

image of a domain In addition, if you choose an established hosting service (some of which we describe here), you can usually buy additional domains. In practice, this means that you can buy endlessly with domain names that are linked to the same hotel.

This means that you can get away with both domain names and web hosting at a cheap price. As for domain names and prices, these may differ. Partly depending on which address you choose and partly depending on the supplier.

We can recommend you a .COM address if you are thinking of having a domain address for several different languages.

Cost of a domain?

It is no secret that the cost of various domains and web hosting differs between different players. Usually there are some offers for some extensions. It simply depends on which player you choose to create your account with.

One should therefore beware of staring blindly at the cost of the domain. Instead, one should examine more vital things. For example, the space, performance or if the web host offers WordPress?

Cheap is not always best

It can therefore be said that the cheapest domain name or web host is rarely the best option. Instead, this is often the first mistake many people make when registering a domain. They simply go on which domain offers the cheapest price.

At the same time, it can be difficult; If you are brand new to web hosting and domains, knowing what to look for. Domains are most often described as 'unlimited traffic' or 'fast registration'.

Knowing which domain to take can therefore be difficult. However, that is also the purpose of this website. To help you navigate this jungle of web hosting and domain names.

Without Web Hosting?

Many people who want to register domain names want to find the most flexible solution. This usually means that you simply choose a domain without a web host. But how does it really work?

Not at all, really. The truth is that you can not do much with a domain that lacks web hosting. Especially since you lack space. You can thus not upload either website or e-mail addresses.

Buying a domain without a web host allows quite a few options. For example, you can redirect the page to another. But that's about where your choices end.

Therefore, it is most common when registering domain names to buy for a web host. There are several solutions to this but the most common is that you pay a monthly fee for the space. It's about SEK 50-60 a month, approximately.

Again, this of course depends on the player in question and whether there is an offer for the web host. My tip to you is thus to look through both reviews and offers for the players reported on this page.


Choosing a domain provider that uses WordPress is often an advantage. Especially since the software accepts both secure, easy and fast connections. In addition, it is incredibly easy to use WordPress.

But why buy through a third party? Can't you create a website on and use their solutions?

Yes, of course it works. But the truth is that you can discover cheaper alternatives by buying or registering through a domain registrar. Especially if you are looking for premium packages.

In addition, you have greater freedom in external web hosting. Often with unconditional email accounts, SSL and so on. Slightly vaguely worded, it can be said that the benefits of choosing an external provider of domain and web hosting that has a smart integration with WordPress are preferable.

Domain registration

If you buy a domain and web hosting - you buy a hosting service. It can be seen as subscribing to a venue by an actor.

There are modifications, and you do not need to have a web host to host a website. It is actually quite possible to host a website through your own computer. However, it can be difficult for a beginner to understand how to do it.

Therefore, the phenomenon of domain managers has become very popular in today's digital market. Especially since these servers are usually much more reliable than your own computer would be.

In addition, if you choose a domain provider and web host by nature, the hosting will be both fast and secure. Above all, safer than if you coughed yourself.

Actually, it's all about how much time and how familiar you are with the subject. Personally, I think it's worth buying the service through a domain provider; if it is just a website you want to launch or build. If, on the other hand, you have a larger project, such as a game server, you can of course ignore web hosting and create it yourself.

You will probably visit this page because you have a simpler project in mind. Then you would probably have benefited from buying a domain provider - not least for the sake of the electricity bill.

How to choose the best domain?

It is probably no mystery that you visit this site because you are eager to find out which provider is the best. But how can you go about choosing the best domain provider?

First of all, it is a one-sided issue. What is 'best' for me does not have to be best for you. It's all about what you're after. The problem is that when most people are looking for domain providers, they have no idea how it works.

Which means they do not know what they are looking for. Then it can be difficult to choose the best. Therefore, my tip for you is to compare and test. Read some reviews and reviews and compare these with each other.