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What is Domainprinter?

Domainprinter - A clean and simple domain generator | Product Hunt

Domain names can be difficult to come up with. Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way to generate them? Well now there is! Our new tool makes it super easy to create beautiful domains in seconds.

Domainprinter is a simple domain generator that matches your keyword towards thousands of common prefixes and suffixes. The tool also has a synonym finder which helps you find new keywords.

Tips for buying a domain name

1. Avoid the hyphen. It can be a sign of spam, and you don't want your business associated with that! Plus users are prone to forgetting the hyphen when trying to reach your domain. They might end up at a competitors website!

2. Targeting keywords related to the industry in which it falls will help increase organic rankings in search engines! Use our generator find a perfect keyword-rich domain name for you!

3. Avoid doubling your letters, and you'll be less likely to lose traffic due to typos.

4. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a website name that is hard to say or spell. One of the leading reasons for lost traffic is typos, so keep this in mind when picking your domain name!