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Best Next.js Starters, Templates and Boilerplates (2022)

A collection of the best Next.js starters

by Domainprinter team | Updated July 12, 2022


Best NextJs Starters, Templates and Boilerplates (2022)

When choosing a software library or framework, the developer's experience is usually taken into account. When I mention "developer experience" I mean how developers actually do the job. Developers choose libraries or frameworks that are pleasant to use. This is one of the main reasons why we now have the most popular libraries and frameworks. As developers, we do not have to start over when there are existing tools created to help us with our tasks. Frames are software created and used by developers to design applications, and NextJS is one of them. In this post, we will go over Nextjs, its key features and how we can use it to build an application. Let's jump right in.

Next.js is a JavaScript framework. It allows you to build server-side rendering and static web applications with React. It is a great tool for building your next website. It has many amazing features and benefits, which can make Nextjs your first option for building your next web application.

List of Next.js starters:

Notion Blog


Next.js project that shows Next.js' upcoming SSG (static-site generation) support using Notion's private API for a backend.

Download | Demo

Flexy Material Ui Admin Template


Download | Demo

React Storefront


Download | Demo

Benefits of Next.js

  • Routing is done automatically - you do not need to configure anything because all URLs are mapped to the file system, to files in the page folder (of course you have customization options).
  • Components in a single file - It is easy to add styles with scope to the component with styled-jsx, which is fully integrated and produced by the same team.
  • Hot reloading - When Next.js detects a modification saved on disk, it reloads the page.
  • Dynamic components - You can dynamically load JavaScript modules and React components.
  • Static export - Next.js allows you to export a completely static website from your app with the next export command.
  • Compatibility with the environment - Next.js integrates seamlessly with JavaScript, Node and React ecosystems.
  • Share code automatically - Only the required libraries and JavaScript are used to render pages. Instead of creating a single JavaScript file that contains all the app's code, Next.js intelligently divides the app into many resources.