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Best Flutter UI kits

A collection of the top Flutter UI kits

by Domainprinter team | Updated July 04, 2022

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is an app and development platform (also called SDK-Software Development Kit) based on open source code. Google started working with Flutter already in 2015, but the official launch, with version 1.0, did not come until late 2018. Part of the reason why Flutter is so popular is that it is made by Google, which helps to give Flutter very high credibility.

Which apps is Flutter suitable for? Today, the platform is mature, it has shaken off childhood diseases and is ready to be used to develop large apps. It can be used to create apps such as. social networks, health apps, apps for shopping, entertainment, education, lifestyle, business apps, etc. Basically pretty much anything.

10 Best Flutter UI Kit Templates in 2022

  1. DevKit.


  2. ProKit.

    Prokit is one of the largest UI kits for Flutter. It has a large library of ready-made app templates for Android developers and iOS developers.

  3. FlutKit.



  4. BigKit.



  5. SmartKit Pro.



Why use Flutter?

User experience in focus

In Flutter, it is easy to adapt the appearance and behavior of the components so that they look and behave exactly as the designer has decided. The platform is also very strong in dynamic behavior, so we get a vibrant, dynamic user interface that is expected of modern apps today. Movement is an important part of modern app design, and with Movers you do not have to limit yourself as a designer to adapt to what is feasible. This, since " everything" is possible with Flutter, at the same time as it is quick to develop.

User interface components

In Flutter, all widgets are the pieces of the app's user interface. There are a massive number of ready-made user interface widgets that allow you, as a developer, to quickly find what you need, even when developing advanced screenshots. There are also a large number of additional components for download. The built-in widgets are intuitive to work with and easy to customize.


If you do not find what you need built into Flutter, you can download additional packages. There are almost 13,000 packages to download, and this number is growing rapidly. In other words, you do not have to look far to find what you need. Examples of packages can be new components for user interfaces or access to biometrics (fingerprint and face ID), data caching locally, location services or local database. The packages usually support both Android and iOS, so you do not have to think about whether you are running on one or the other platform. In addition, many of the packages also have web support.

If you need native functionality for which there is no package, which is otherwise very unlikely, it is an easy job to create a package yourself. This will be especially easy to create for experienced native platform developers.